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Introducing the YLC Policy Process

Young Liberals are the heart and soul of our party – both through helping elect Liberals to Parliament, and developing the next generation of leaders. Yet to many, the YLC’s most important contribution to the Liberal Party are the progressive ideas we’ve fought for throughout our eight-decade history – a legacy of organizing and advocacy that continues to move us forward. From marriage equality to marijuana legalization, YLC policy has changed the lives of millions of Canadians for the better.

One of the most valuable ways that Young Liberals can make a difference is advocating for policies at Liberal Conventions. Conventions have been the scene of major YLC victories over the years – such as marriage equality in 1998, marijuana legalization in 2012 or Death with Dignity in 2014. In the lead up to the convention, the executive will collect policy submissions from YLC members and clubs across Canada. Following this, the YLC will bring a handful of the most widely supported policies to the next Liberal convention. At the convention and in the open policy process that leads up to it, Young Liberals push hard for the adoption of these policies by the party as a whole.

Policies passed at conventions often become part of the Liberal platform in the following election and then government policy.How can you become part of all this? With the 2018 Liberal National Convention taking place in Halifax next April, it’s policy season right now! We recently launched the 2018 YLC Policy Process the most open and accessible policy process we’ve ever conducted. If you have a great idea but are unsure about how it can be made into policy, you can learn more about writing a good policy including a sample policy. If you’d like to know more background, you can also read more about where the YLC stands on major issues. We can’t wait to hear from ideas to help build a better Canada!