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YLC (British Columbia)

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The YLC (British Columbia) is one of Canada’s largest Young Liberal organizations, representing all federal Liberals under 26 in BC. With a proud history of leading progressive change, we consider it our duty to bring the concerns of youth to the forefront of the party. Comprised of youth from all parts of British Columbia, the YLC(BC) is led by an executive whose members hail from the interior to Metro Vancouver to the island. Reflecting the diversity of our province and the West Coast’s progressive bent, the YLC(BC) cherishes Liberal values of freedom, multiculturalism and an equitable society.

The YLCBC’s most cherished achievement is the leading role we played in the Young Liberal push for the legalization of marijuana. In 2011, the YLC(BC) passed a resolution supporting legalization, which it successfully convinced the YLC as a whole to adopt in the lead-up to the 2012 Liberal Convention in Ottawa. At the convention, the resolution was overwhelmingly adopted by the party. This led to its endorsement by Justin Trudeau in 2013 and inclusion in the Liberal Party’s 2015 election platform. The recently introduced Cannabis Act makes good on this promise, and the YLCBC is very proud of its integral role in making legalization a reality.


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