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National Executive

The National Executive of the Young Liberals of Canada consists of the Table Officers, Representatives on other Commissions in the Liberal Party of Canada, and the Presidents of each provincial and territorial Young Liberal organization.

Table Officers
National Chair David Hickey
Vice-Chair (English) Ninu Forrest
Vice-Chair (French) Étienne Quintal
Policy Chair June Gleed
Finance Chair Hannah Wieler
Organization Chair Ray Anjoul
Communications Chair Amarit Brar
Membership Chair Haseeb Hasaan
Commission Representatives
Representative, Indigenous People’s Commission Deliah Bernard
Representative, National Women’s Liberal Commission Sarah Thomas
Provincial & Territorial Chairs
Chair, British Columbia Kayleigh Erickson
Chair, Alberta Christi Basaraba
Chair, Saskatchewan Javin Ames-Sinclair
Chair, Manitoba Muhammad Jazim
Chair, Ontario Charlotte Zronik
Chair, Quebec Ricardo Souvenir
Chair, New Brunswick Bradley Henstock
Chair, Nova Scotia Grace Evans
Chair, Prince Edward Island Sam McPhail
Chair, Newfoundland Ryan Steeves
LPC Commissions Coordinator James Christie