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Where we stand

Ever wake up in the morning and decided that you wanted to help shape the policy of the nation?

Well, countless Young Liberals from across the country have done so. Here is just a sample of what Young Liberals have achieved in the past years:

A Long-Term Commitment to Africa, Commitment to the Kyoto Accord, the Legalization of Marijuana, the Canada Post-Secondary Education Transfer, and Same-Sex Marriage Rights – All of these policies were originally the ideas of young, pro-active Canadians, all under the age of 25. And now, all of these policies have been officially adopted as the policy of the whole national party. That’s the kind of difference you can make as a Young Liberal, in addition to playing key roles on campaigns that will elect Liberal MPs as advocates for these important ideals.

At recent Liberal conventions, policies espoused by the YLC include a commitment to an activist foreign policy, focusing on conflict resolution and the promotion of peacekeeping; combating global poverty; the creation of an international convention regulating the global trade in small arms and light weapons and munitions; a commitment to the Kyoto Protocol and promotion of low emissions vehicles; the implementation of a refugee appeal board; the Legalization and Regulation of Marijuana; the creation of a Ministry of Post-Secondary Educationl the elimination of post-secondary tuition fees for second official language courses; promoting and protecting safe-injection sites; the creation of a National Volunteer Work Experience Program; Death With Dignity (Physician Assisted Suicide); and ending the gay blood donation ban once and for all.

We need your organizing talent on Canada’s most exciting battleground campaigns, and your best ideas to shape the Liberal agenda as we work to elect a new government led by Justin Trudeau and a new generation of Canadian leaders.

Add your ideas and activism to an incredible Young Liberal record, and get involved firsthand in how change starts with us!