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How to Write a Policy Resolution

So, you have a great idea, and you know that it will meaningfully improve the lives of many Canadians. There’s just one catch – you don’t know how to take it from idea to policy.

Below, you’ll find an easy primer on how to write a policy. This guide will help you turn your good ideas in solid policies that you can advocate for, and even bring to a Liberal Convention. We invite all registered Young Liberals, as individuals, campus clubs, or provincial-territorial YLC boards, to submit one policy that they want to see the Liberal Party of Canada champion.

Be sure to check out our 2018 YLC Policy Process to learn more about how to take your policy to the next level!

Our tips:

  • Be clear in the focus of your policy: Too many “Whereas” can get confusing so try to state the what, who, and why in three points.
  • Have a strong statement in what it is you want the policy to accomplish: in your “Therefore be it resolved…” be able to define what it is you want in three sentences or less.
  • Be timely and accurate: Sometimes a policy can be really good but it’s either already been done, or has factual flaws. Research is always important.

Some parameters:

We love the creativity and passion of Young Liberals, but want to remind everyone that there is a specific criteria that a policy needs to fit in order to move forward to the Halifax Biennial Convention. To be eligible for consideration by the National Platform Committee and National Convention, policy resolutions must:

  • respect Canada’s Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • be national in scope, within federal jurisdiction and focused on a public policy purpose
  • express a judgement that LPC should take a position or press for action on an issue
  • be factual and reflect consultation with recognized experts
  • be the result of a democratic process that includes meaningful grassroots engagement with Registered Liberals
  • be submitted to the National Policy Committee before November 27, 2017
  • not duplicate 2015 election platform commitments or priority resolutions from the 2016 and 2014 National Conventions
  • be limited to 275 words

The purpose of the Liberal Party policy process is to advocate and support Liberal values, philosophies, principles and established policies. In order to do this, we work hard to create processes that engage registered Liberals, adapt our processes to new technologies, and give registered Liberals the opportunity to contribute to our party’s election platform.

Notes on Structure:


This is where you want to outline the problem, and why you think it is one that the Young Liberals or the Liberal Party of Canada should champion. Try to be as direct and to the point as possible.


“Whereas” is when you identify your major points.You can have multiple points, but ensure you don’t lose track of what your main objective is. All points must be verifiable facts, and you must identify if you consulted with a third party on this policy.


This is where you define your solution. This section should be clear and concise, and define what action it is that you want the Liberal Party or Young Liberals to take.


Please include name(s) and contact information, including phone number, email address, and home address.




Maple Syrup is the most delicious breakfast condiment in the world, and pairs best with pancakes, Canadian back bacon, and sausages. It is important for Canadians to celebrate the history of this golden nectar and how it is attached to the cultural fabric of the nation.

Whereas Canadian Maple Syrup is the most popular breakfast condiment across the world; and

Whereas Maple Syrup production is an important piece of Canada’s history and was first discovered by Indigenous peoples; and

Whereas the Canadian government recognizes the need to celebrate Canada’s great natural resources; therefore

Be it Resolved that the Canadian government passes legislation for a National Canadian Maple Syrup Day.

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